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Thank you for your feedback regarding Forest Schools in the E-Surveys. Here’s a explanation of Forest Schools and how Hollies includes its philosophy in our practice.


What is Forest School?

Forest School is a learning ethos that embraces the outdoors as an inspirational learning environment focused on the child’s learning needs rather than specific outcomes. This means a session can take place anywhere ‘outdoors’, in the garden, local parks and woodland. The children explore and experience the natural world on a daily, sustained basis and this is a unique way of building confidence and self esteem, learn new life skills and promotes independence to hands-on learning experiences. We have found that children who have the opportunity to attend forest school sessions in a pleasant, fun, natural and relaxing environment, are starting school with stronger social skills, high capacity to work in groups and seemed to have high self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities. The sessions are child led by the areas of interest that are generated by the children themselves, this is achieved through observations and reviewing which helps the Forest School Leader to prepare for the following sessions. The children are actively involved with how the sessions develop, this makes experiences relevant to them and has a direct effect on their motivation. This causes the learning experience to be more emotionally involved and therefore more deeply rooted.

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Hollies Day Nurseries 

We started Hollies 30 years ago with the opening of our first nursery in Sherwood and are proud that 3 generations of our family have been able to share the important early developmental stages of thousands of children 
Since visiting Sweden and Denmark back in 2016 we have encapsulated the vision of a calm and homely atmosphere with neutral rooms and no clutter. We use the latest technology to record and develop your child’s journey in every way with our Famly App, which we were early adopters of and advised on the original platform with the developers in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018. Later that year having spent further time in Copenhagen to research their pedagogy, we began training with the Marte Meo Method. We continue to train within this method of supporting interactions and finding those moments for development in everything we do. In early 2020 we visited the Loris Magaluzzi Centre in Reggio Emilia to bring their pedagogy from Italy into our practice and curriculum. We further support our curriculum with sign language through TinyTalk, extending language with David from La Jolie Ronde and use yoga throughout all of our age groups with Sharon from The Blossom Tree. 

We hold workshops throughout the year highlighting the external and internal pedagogy within the nursery along with joint training sessions with families and staff too.  

At Hollies, we recognise the value of having a progressive and forward-thinking business.  Over the years, we have put our heart and soul into making each child’s journey unique, enabling them to become life long learners.   We work with a dedicated team of practitioners, who understand and believe in our vision, inspiring learning for life.
We are open from 7:30am till 6:00pm Monday -  Friday. We are closed on Bank Holidays, between Christmas and New Year and for the Summer Half Term (May 29th - June 2nd 2023).


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