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We started Hollies 30 years ago with the opening of our first nursery in Sherwood and are proud that 3 generations of our family have been able to share the important early developmental stages of thousands of children 
At Hollies, we recognise the value of having a progressive and forward-thinking business.  Over the years, we have put our heart and soul into making each child’s journey unique, enabling them to become life long learners. We work with a dedicated team of practitioners, who understand and believe in our vision, inspiring learning for life.
Adele Miles - I first used baby signing in 2010 with my son and saw the amazing communication benefits. After signing with both my children, I became a Baby Sign teacher in 2016. Our Hollies Hands Signing Programme uses British Sign Language Signs, we use BSL based signs to equip little ones with the additional tool of signing to express their needs, wants or just tell us what they are seeing around them. Hollies Hands Signs are centred around the Hollies Nursery Day & animals/transport which they love. In addition our Hollies Hands Signing sessions focus on a whole array of early years development areas, communication, listening, sharing, waiting, taking turns, gross & fine motor, following instructions, copying, imitating, counting and colours.

At Hollies we see signing as an essential part of a Baby & Toddlers early years communication development, allowing them to….

Tell you what they want, need & see, before they can do so with spoken words. 

  • Understand & react to signs even before they can sign or talk back. 
  • Help develop speech, remembering it is vital that those signs are incorporated with the first letter sounds, words & noises, as our goal is to help develop those spoken words. 
  • Help with sentence structure grouping signs &/or words together. 
  • Reducing frustration before speech develops & while speech as they have both words & signs, they can use to ensure they are understood
  • Great for multilingual children as they have one sign they can relate to the word in each language.
  • Rewarding, for babies & toddler able to communicate with you something they would not otherwise have been able to tell you. 
We are open from 7:30am till 6:00pm Monday -  Friday. The nurseries are closed on all bank holidays, public holidays, the period between Christmas and New Year. We are closed from Friday, 22 December 2023, reopening Tuesday, 2 January 2024 and close for summer half term Monday 27th of May, reopening Monday, 3 June 2024.


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